Dr Infrared Heater DR-908 HeatStyle 2-Way Wall Mount or Portable Space Heater, Energy Saving Dual-Heat System, Child and Pet Safe, Powerful 1500 Watt Space Heater

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  • WALL MOUNTED HEATER: Slim, compact 120-volt wall heater with thermostat mounts 24” above the floor to maximize space. For a portable heater, use retractable legs for a secure, freestanding position. Remote control is included for your convenience.

  • FAST AND EFFICIENT: Advanced dual-heat system combines Infrared Quartz and PTC technologies to heat objects, not air. A high velocity yet quiet blower distributes heat quickly and evenly.

  • RETAINS MOISTURE: Unlike most electric wall heaters and portable space heaters, HeatStyle helps retain more moisture in the air, making it among the top, most comfortable electric wall heaters.

  • ULTIMATE SAFETY: This safe and secure plugin heater automatically turns off when tipped over. Cool-to-the-touch exterior cabinet hides all heating elements for safe operation in an active home. Overheat protection self-cooling process. Proudly UL certified to comply with safety and sustainability standards.

  • SAVE MONEY: One of the best electric wall heaters available, HeatStyle offers superior heat transfer technology to deliver significantly more heat than many traditional 1500 watt wall heaters. An adjustable thermostat, 12-hour timer, Night Mode and unique ECO setting help cut costs even more.

  • US-BASED CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Based in San Francisco, CA, Dr Infrared Heater USA has warmed over 1 million homes and counting. For customer support on any of our electric wall heaters, call 1-800-317-1688.

  • Convenient standard household appliance plug, 6-Feet Power Cord included.


    Dr. Infrared Heater's HeatStyle wall mount heater is your ideal solution for saving money, energy and space. Stylish yet powerful, this 1500 watt electric wall heater features our Advanced Dual Heat System that combines the speed and energy-efficiency of PTC technology with Quartz Infrared’s ability to heat objects, not air. Together generate the most comfortable heat without stripping moisture. A state-of-the-art, low noise blower improves heat distribution and airflow to heat a large room evenly and quickly, without hot or cold spots.

    Perfect for active households with children and pets, the HeatStyle electric wall heater is designed for safety, with Overheat Protection, Tip-Over Shut-Off and a Cool-Touch Cabinet that fully encases all heating elements. And it’s certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) USA and Canada, making it a safe electric, plugin heater at an affordable price.

    Dr. Infrared Heater HeatStyle can be used two ways to suit your needs – as a wall mounted heater to save space, or a freestanding portable space heater for your family room, bedroom or home office. Use the intuitive LED Display to easily control room temperature (from 50-99 degrees F). Or choose from 3 heat settings – ECO, high and low – to automatically maintain your desired temperature.

    Automatic Night Mode uses light-sensing technology to detect darkness, prompting this smart electric wall heater to reduce the frequency of temperature sampling for quieter operation while you sleep.  For your convenience, a battery-operated remote control is included and features a 12-hour timer.

    All Dr. Infrared Heater products are engineered, designed and serviced in the USA.






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