Dr Infrared Heater DR-268 Smart Greenhouse Heater with built in Temperature Control and Digital Thermostat

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  • WATER RESISTANCE IPX5 - Indoor and outdoor rated heater, IP55. Instantly warm up the area with clean and odorless infrared heat, ideal for greenhouse heating, shed, store room, garage, milk house, grow tent.

  • DIGITAL DISPLAY and THERMAL CONTROL - Comes with a corded sensor thermal probe to accurately sense room temperature and a built-in digital display to easily regulate the ambient temperature. Selectable Auto Mode or Manual Mode.

  • MULTIPLE MOUNTING OPTIONS - The heater can be wall-mounted, ceiling mount, and even hang down using the provided hanging chain.

  • DURABLE and EFFECTIVE - The heater is constructed using extruded dual layers of aluminum, which is optimized to protect against heat loss and humid environments. It has two heat settings, High and Low, with 1500W and 1000W heating output. The infrared heat will apply directly to the object/plants without wasting power to heat up the air. Particularly more effective in a colder area where a lot of heat is lost through convection.

  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT - USA-based customer support to address all questions and concerns. The product is ETL certified.


The Dr. Infrared Heater greenhouse heater is designed to tender precious plants. We understand space is very important in smaller greenhouses, therefore, our heater will take zero floor space.  The big difference between conventional greenhouse heaters is efficiency. Conventional fan force heater will circulate and heat up the whole room with the majority of the heat lost through walls, floor, and ceiling. The infrared greenhouse heater will apply warmth directly to the plants with very minimal heat lost through the walls. Effectively, infrared heaters are more efficient at applying heat to plants. Our greenhouse heater can be mounted on the wall, or ceiling, or even hang down from the ceiling with the provided chains and accessories. Dr. Heater is designed with a plug-and-play thermal cord that will sense the temperature close to the plant and feedback to the heater for auto temperature control. The heater can be operated in Smart mode - auto-regulate the temperature, or manual mode - with full control by the user. All Dr. Heater products are designed in the USA and are listed by nationally recognized safety laboratories such as UL and ETL. 



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