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About Dr. Infrared Heater

Wrap yourself in warmth this winter, without breaking the bank. Dr. Infrared Heater combines the comfort of convection heating with the energy efficiency of infrared heating to provide you with even warmth throughout your house and savings on your electric bill. Sit back and relax as this portable heater blankets you in a soothing warmth that makes your home cozy and inviting, even in the most brutal winter weather. How is Dr. Infrared Heater better than other heaters? Dr. Infrared Heater uses infrared heating, which heats objects in the room, instantly making you feel comfortably warm. Other heaters simply heat the air in the room; the problem with this is hot air rises to the ceiling, creating drafts that leave you feeling hot in one moment and cold in the next. By heating only the objects in the space--not the air--Dr. Infrared Heater provides maximum warmth and energy efficiency.

With its state-of-the-art technology that helps the room retain air moisture, Dr. Infrared Heater won’t dry out your skin like those convection heaters that blast out hot air, stripping the room of moisture. And the best part? It will save you money. Use Dr. Infrared Heater instead of your regular heating system, and you could save up to 50% on your next electricity bill. Plus, with its tip-over protection and auto shut-off overheat protection, you can sleep soundly knowing you’ve got a heater that’s superior in safety.

With its unparalleled heating capabilities, safety design, energy efficiency, and quietness, Dr. Infrared Heater is simply the best choice for your home heating needs.

● Tests Show Dr. Infrared Heater Heats Faster and Better Than Competing Heaters
In a side-by-side test comparison in airtight chambers with the same starting temperature, Dr. Infrared Heater heated the same amount of space much faster than a competing heater that has a price tag more than double that of Dr. Infrared Heater’s.

● Dr. Infrared Heater Delivers 60% more heat than other 1500-watt heaters. How?
It’s no magic trick--we just understand heat transfer better. Just because two heaters have the same wattage does not mean they transfer the same amount of heat. Wattage indicates the amount of electricity needed to power the heater--not the amount of heat it can deliver.

Dr. Infrared Heater’s advanced heating system enables greater heat production without using any more power with a high-efficiency blower that delivers an average of 250°F at 3.5m/s to your room versus competing heaters that can do only 155°F at 2.2m/s. That’s how Dr. Infrared Heater can deliver 60% more heat. So while Dr. Infrared Heater and competing heaters both use 1500 watts of electricity, those competing heaters were not built with high-efficiency blowers to deliver heat in the same effective way as Dr. Infrared Heater.

● Dual Heating System Provides Maximum Comfort and Fastest Heat Transfer Rate
Dr. Infrared Heater is the first to feature a dual heating system for maximum heat transfer rate. It combines the energy efficiency of infrared heat with the comfort of convection heat to heat your room fast and comfortably--without hot spots and cold spots.

● Quiet and Efficient Blower
Dr. Infrared Heater’s blower is so quiet, you’ll hardly notice it’s on. While competing heaters use a 3-inch fan, Dr. Infrared Heater uses a state-of-the-art 7-inch blower that generates higher pressure and moves larger air volume at a lower speed, without any of the noise of those other heaters on the market.

● Auto Power Settings | 1000W or 1500W
Dr. Infrared Heater has three power Settings: Auto, Low 1000W and High 1500W.
The auto energy saving mode allows you to set your desired temperature from 50-86F. It smartly selects between the two settings depending on your room temperature.The thermostat regulates the heater and causes it to cycle on and off to maintain the set temperature. The 1500-watt setting is desirable under most situations since it heats up the room the fastest to the desired temperature and then cycles off. You can also manually set the heater to run on High or Low all the time or with a timer.

● Long Lifetime with 80,000 Hours of Operation
Rest assured, you can use Dr. Infrared Heater winter after winter for years. It’s built to last up to 80,000 hours in operation.

 3-Year Warranty and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
All Dr. Infrared heaters are engineered and designed in the USA

We are so confident you’ll fall in love with Dr. Infrared Heater that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. On top of that, we insure your Dr. Infrared Heater with a 3-year warranty that covers parts and labor. Plus, Dr. Infrared Heater’s serviceability and availability of parts make it a pleasure to own. It is designed with the owner in mind, for ease of service and ease of maintenance for years to come. Its modular design allows the simple replacement of any part in a matter of minutes using only a screwdriver.