DR-298 : Dr. Heater Portable, Ceiling and Wall-Mount Infrared Heater for Indoor/Outdoor, 1500-Watt, Remote Controlled, Black

Caution : Heater will NOT function if the baseplate is not installed.  Tip-Over protection is in place.




The DR-298 carbon infrared heater is a versatile heating solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be used as a portable heater or mounted on a wall or ceiling. It is constructed with durable materials for outdoor durability and utilizes carbon infrared elements for efficient heat distribution. Whether you need supplemental heating indoors or want to create a cozy outdoor environment, the DR-298 offers a reliable and efficient heating solution.


  • CLEAN AND INSTANT HEAT with 3 POWER SETTINGS - Experience clean, instant, and odorless infrared heat with 3 power settings: 900W, 1200W, and 1500W, along with a timer function. Input voltage is 120V at 60Hz.

  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USAGE - Constructed with high-quality aluminum housing to ensure durability and longevity, this heater offers excellent protection against the elements, making it resistant to rust, corrosion, and other weather-related damage.

  • FREESTANDING or WALL/CEILING MOUNTED - Designed with a weighted base and wheels, this portable freestanding infrared heater can be easily relocated from room to room. Whether you need to warm up your living room during the day or heat your bedroom at night, the portable design ensures convenient and hassle-free mobility.

  • HIGH-EFFICIENCY REFLECTOR AND CARBON INFRARED ELEMENT - The infrared heater features a precision mirror aluminum reflector with a high reflection efficiency of 90%, providing efficient and targeted heating. Carbon infrared elements heat the person without warming up the air, making it ideal for patio heating.

  • TIP-OVER and OVER TEMPERATURE PROTECTION - The tip-over safety mechanism is designed to detect if the unit tips over or falls, immediately shutting down the heater to prevent potential hazards. The over temperature protection will safely disconnect power in the event of overheating.


Contents in Package : 

  • User’s Manual

  • Remote controller x 1

  • Duracell AAA battery x 2

  • Base place screw x 1

  • Wall/Ceiling mounting hardware x 1 set

Product's dimensions & weight, after assembly : 

  • 10.7 lbs

  • 25" W x 11.5" L x 39" H



Assembly Instructions - For Freestanding :



Assembly Instructions - For Wall / Ceiling Mounting :