DR-908W - Infrared Heater with WiFi - Wall Heater - Electric Heaters for Indoor Use, Bedroom, Small Room,- Energy Saving 1500 Watt PTC Quartz Heater - Wall Mounted Radiant Heater

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  • SPACE SAVING WALL MOUNT - Easily mount this infrared space heater on the wall 24 inches above the floor to maximize heating efficiency and stay cozy when the temperature drops. Heater thermostat is adjustable between 50-86°F with a 12-hour timer, exterior stays cool to the touch.

  • HEATS SMALL ROOMS QUICKLY - Electric room heater designed to heat small rooms faster and more efficiently. Our infrared heaters are for indoor use. Perfect as a bedroom heater, wall space heater for office, bedroom, living room, RV, or camper.

  • ENHANCED SAFETY FEATURES - This child safe, energy efficient space heater is UL certified with an automatic shut-off feature if tipped over, overheat protection, and a smart sensor that cuts power if blocked vents are detected. Safe for active households with children and pets.

  • SAVES ENERGY AND MONEY - 1500 watt electric wall mount heater 120v. 3 Settings: High, Low, and ECO mode to conserve energy and help reduce your seasonal power bill while you stay just as toasty indoors. Night Mode light sensing technology runs less frequently to save energy at night.

  • SMART HOME WIFI & REMOTE CONTROL - Includes a battery operated remote control. This compact yet powerful heater connects to WiFi and can be remotely operated from your phone via the Smart Living app (for iOS and Android). Installation is easy with all mounting hardware included. Finished results are sleek and professional with a neutral design that matches any setting or decor. No maintenance required.

The 2-way Infrared Space Heater from Dr. Infrared Heater – a sleek, versatile, and advanced technology-driven infrared heater designed to bring warmth to any living room, bedroom, or small to medium-sized area. The powerful yet compact design is perfect for maximizing limited space with a wall-mounting option that seamlessly integrates into any room aesthetics without sacrificing floor space.


  • 120v Plug-In Wall Heater

  • Slim and Compact

  • Wall Mounting

  • Adjustable Thermostat 50-86°F

  • 12-Hour Timer

  • Automatic Shutoff

  • Overheat Protection

  • Saves Energy on Night Mode

  • 3 Heat Settings – ECO, High, Low

  • UL Certified

  • Compatible with WIFI and Smart Living App

  • Includes Battery-Operated Remote Control (batteries included)


More than an appliance, this 2-in-1 PCT and quartz-based infrared heater works by heating surfaces and objects, rather than air. The high-velocity quite blower distributes heat quickly and evenly throughout the area while retaining more moisture in the air. From chilly bedrooms without a heat source, to campers in the cold Northern fall, this unit will maintain steady temperatures via one of 3 settings: ECO, High, or Low.


This plug-in heater is safe, secure, and UL certified, automatically turning off if tipped over, making it suitable for homes with children and pets. Designed with a cool-to-the-touch exterior and overheat protection, which stays active even after shutdown. At 120v, it delivers more heat than traditional 1500 watt heaters, allowing adjustable thermostat settings between 50-86°F with a 12-hour timer. Night Mode light sensing technology runs less frequently to save energy while you sleep.


Integrate with modern smart home networks via WIFI and the Smart Living app to monitor and control heat remotely.

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